IMG_0632Like many of you know, the hospitality industry is a 365 day/ 24 hour industry. Chef’s spend upwards to 12+ hours at the restaurant in the kitchen prepping and cooking. Whether it’s hotels, restaurants, or catering you’re in, having time to squeeze in a social life and look the part can sometimes seem out of reach.

As a busy Private Chef and Blogger I go from wearing chef clothes all day to an event at night and want to look “chic”, because in NYC you never know who you’ll meet! In the city that never sleeps, how do I go from Chef to Chic for a NYC night out?

IMG_1043Well…with a large purse, Stella & Dot statement pieces, and a great cut and color by Ivan Torres from Christo Fifth Avenue, I am always ready to look my best!

When you look your best and you feel your best, you show the world who you really are…  THE BEST! 


sarah-79Ivan is a senior designer and the root of my realization and inspiration for my new #ChefToChic features. I was visiting one of my favorite glam studio’s at The Carlton Hotel, NY when I met Ivan. Caravan Stylist Studio is a one of a kind glam studio inside a sexy hotel in Midtown, Manhattan. Caravan is responsible for my makeover and my introduction to the best salon for girls with curls to go! Christo Fifth Avenue owned by Legendary stylist, Christo aka the “King of Curls” is the one salon where you find every stylist is a curl expert. The incredible team can help tame and tease all curly hair types which makes taking those curls from a “chef’s messy bun” to fun. I love the Curlisto Shampoo and Conditioner which keeps my curls stay frizz free and shapely all day long. Each stylist will also show you how to work with your hair, so you can feel confident about your curls.

IMG_1021There are days though where my hair has no luck. Luckily with the help of IVChic hair jewelry, I can go out with my messy bun BUT the bling makes it a statement piece. This hair jewelry adds sparkle to my outfits after work and is the perfect way to beautify my buns!

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