Valentines Day is approaching and its time to get your sweetie the perfect gift to say I love you. Whether you buy for your mother, father, girlfriend, or boyfriend, its important to get them something that shows you put some thought into them when picking the gift. Here are some of my top picks for Valentines Day!

Boozy Boat Rides: 

deal_1360698077FOR HER: This Valentine’s Day get her something that she can use to create a wonderful memory with you. Send her sailing aboard Manhattan by Sail’s Gatsby-era Schooner, Shearwater. On the Wine Tasting Sail she can sip and sail for two hours while taking in breathtaking views of the New York Harbor.  Wine Tasting Sails take place every Sunday at 4:30pm from late Spring through early Fall.

FOR HIM: Give him a gift he can look forward to. Send him sailing aboard Manhattan by Sail’s Clipper City Tall Ship Craft Beer Sail, where he can drink his fill of New York City’s premiere craft brews, while snacking on tasty meats and cheeses.

Every Saturday and Sunday taste five outstanding ales and lagers from New York’s premiere brewers, paired with cheese and charcuterie while you drink in the beautiful views of the NYC skyline. Each weekend is a different New York Brewer so feel free to indulge in more than just one sail this season!

Price: $95 retail value, Special offer if you buy your tickets before or on Valentine’s Day you will receive 10% off each ticket, using the discount code MBSVDAY15! 

download (16)Dosha Pops: These delicious little lollipops are just what any Ayurvedic expert in your life needs. These holistic candies are all natural, sweet, flavorful, and help with circulation, stress, digestion, and so much more. Pair the Hibiscus pops with a plane ticket because they help with circulation,  or send your significant other to get a nice relaxing massage and pair it with the Rose lollipop so they stay completely calm and serene the entire time. Other flavors include: Chai me up, Inner Glow, and Mytea Pomegranate. 

download (15)Frosae: These wine sorbets are the ultimate gift for the wine lover in your life. Now they can have their wine and eat it too! Frosae wine sorbets come in three flavors: Royal Red, Chocolate Merlot, and Elegant White. When I first tried these I was hooked! The wine flavors really come through, however the sweetness balances out any tannins in the actual wine used to make these fun and refreshing sorbets. Pair these with a nice bottle of port too, and have yourself a deliciously romantic evening in. 

AS Pillow-1

“Be Fearless” Collection: You all know her, have one, or are dating one: the fearless entrepreneurial woman in your life who strives to succeed in everything she does. She doesn’t let anyone stop her from pursuing her goals, and she will work till all hours of the night, still make time for you, and you find yourself saying often, “I don’t know how she does it”. This “Be Fearless” Collection by Arian Simone is perfect for developing a new modern look for her apartment or home. The ambiance and energy it will bring to her home office decor is just what she needs to remind her you care and your proud of her. The collection, which consists of  candles, pillows, wall art and more, inspires women to be fearless from the inside out.


Dune Jewelry: Remember those wonderful memories I spoke about? Create them with one of a kind jewelry by Dune Jewelry. Pick your favorite sand, choose the jewelry, and viola! This is a great gift for any occasion and screams I LOVE YOU!

Playful Pairings: This Valentine’s Day, Merchants of Beverage is playing “cupid” with world-class wine & spirits, by pairing them with some of the best artisanal chocolate, cherries, glassware and more. This is a gift thats great for new love, a secret valentine, or to give to mom/dad… who will always be your first valentine!