As a mixology educator and events host I am always searching for great ice options. Ones that will make my guests say “wow” and also add what I want them to, to my cocktails. I was happy to discover True Cubes, a unique ice mold system that makes the ice so clear, it basically disappears into your drink!

Just to see how clear the ice is… it’s pretty neat!

I used tap water for my system, mixed with a little bottled water as per the directions in the tips and tricks section. They have very helpful tips, including getting the ice out as well as avoiding what I did, which is the “fireworks” look. In a way though, I kind of loved it, it almost looked like a design in my ice!

However if you want that perfectly clear ice, certainly use only tap water, and make sure you freeze for the allotted hours. I did freeze mine too long, however the ice did come out when I left them on the counter for like 5 minutes. I think the True Cubes is a great system for at home mixologists and cocktail creatives alike.

Here, inside a glass with Bulleit Bourbon, you can see how clear it is!

If you have enough room in your freezer, I absolutely recommend getting the True Cubes tray because it’s fun and easy to use, and makes 8 ice cubes, which is a lot more than you get with most large ice trays. I also love how its in it’s own box, and so if you’re like me and have a lot in your freezer, this will keep your ice water safe.

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