image001-16In celebration of the newest flavor launch, Bud Light Lime Lemon-Ade-Rita decided to go in a fashionable direction with this new refreshing flavor. The color is great for those with a tan, or seeking a tan as it’s bright yellow… well Lemon-Ade Rita color to be exact!

Bud Light Lemon-Ade Rita collaborated with renowned swimwear brand KAOHS to create a special edition Gypsy Bikini bathing suit in a custom Lemon-Ade-Rita color. Bathing suits are available beginning for a limited time only so get them now!

Going on spring break? Vacation? or a Trip? Check out my top packing picks/spring and summer must haves for any trip! IMG_8691

1. This KAOHS bikini of course!

2. Swim Spray: Whether on spring break, vacation, or summer, you will be in a pool a time or two. Be sure to bring your swim spray, that way you can go from the pool, to dinner, for drinks, and not have to worry about your skin being irritated from the chlorine while your out having a good time!

3. Tick Tock Naturals: With spring and summer come those pesky mesquitos and bugs. In order for you to be happy and healthy to keep on drinking seasonal sips, wine, etc, you should pick up a bottle or two of this awesome organic bug spray that saved my legs while on vacation.

4. Hobie Sunglasses: Not only are these super stylish, but they fit almost every face size and frame. They are great for outdoors because they are polarized and for around $90.00 they are a steal!

See more top picks all spring and summer long! Have a happy, healthy, and safe spring break!