*In Partnership with Manhattan Party Bus.

Partying in New York City is something that many people across the country wish they could do! There are endless reasons why someone might be celebrating in the Big Apple whether it’s something like a holiday celebration or a simple night out on the town. Anybody who has lived or traveled in the city knows that it’s not always exactly the easiest thing to organize or deal with.

Reserving professional transportation such as a party bus or limousine in New York City is the best way to ensure that you’re dealing with a stress-free experience on the busy streets. Here are some of the reasons why locals and tourists decide to book this type of transportation!


First and foremost, if you plan on drinking while enjoying leisure time in the city, it only makes sense to plan on procuring transportation. There won’t be any question about getting home safely when you’re on board a Manhattan Party Bus, and you can even enjoy your beverages on board with convenient amenities such as cup holders and countertops.

Convenience for a group

Hitting the town with friends often involves lots of time spent meeting up and gathering in the same spot. Traveling together in a party bus gives you more than one advantage in this sense, as you can enjoy more space and fun features along the way, something you’re not going to find in a local taxicab or car service.

Comparable to rideshare services

The knee-jerk reaction is to pull out your phone and order your favorite ride share service when you’re out with friends, but it’s not always the best thing to do. It gets a bit annoying to have to order and wait for a car anytime you want to go to a new destination, and the costs add up. When you take the overall cost of a party bus and then split that up among all of your friends, you’ll have a budget-friendly option that’s a lot more fun for everybody!