I drink a lot of wine and spirits! It’s a daily part of my job as a Sommelier, Blogger, and Lifestyle Director. This means that on a daily basis I am exposed to rich foods, alcohol, and NYC air that can really take a toll on your skin. Have you ever noticed how after a few days of even moderate to a little more alcohol consumption, your skin may look a little “less than usual”? Well, I still try to consume alcohol in moderation and eat healthy when I can (even when dining out) but the effects of the air and alcohol can still wear down my skin. I have tried out some great skincare products recently that have kept my glowing and gorgeous. Even after a late night, I have applied one or all of these three things on my skin and have gotten great compliments about how bright, polished, and youthful it looks.

Normally on SommInTheCity.com, I don’t talk a lot about beauty products, but as I grow older and find that my lifestyle can have an impact on a very important part of my body if I find something that works, I am going to talk about it!

Cyantific Skin Care: I discovered the beautiful benefits of this skin care on my recent journey to Spain and Portugal. I was abroad on a wonderful wine trip hosted by Visit Spain, and Visit Portugal. This was a 7 day trip of touring cities, wineries, long days in a car, as well as a ton of eating and wine drinking. Getting home after a late dinner around midnight and having to be up at around 6 am for day-long wine tours is an ideal trip for a wine lover like myself, but with that being said, between jet lag and not enough water consumption (my fault) my skin looked a bit haggard day 1. Day 2, after applying the Night Cream, I woke up with the most moisturized skin. “PhycoBoost™ combined with Crambe Abyssinica seed oil hydrate and pamper your complexion while you sleep. Cyantific Skin Care harnesses the power of blue-green algae to create its proprietary PhycoBoost™ formula, a targeted blue-green algae extract that contains amino acids, moisture-retaining carbohydrates, and powerful antioxidants.”-cyantificskincare.com 

After a lovely shower, I applied the Nourishing Daily Syrum. Instantly my skin felt cooled and refreshed as if something inside instantly made me feel brighter. Once that dried, I applied the Protecting Daily Lotion and my skin was hydrated and on point for the rest of the day. I had no peeling, no dryness feeling, and yet my skin didn’t feel oily either; it was just beautiful. You can get the entire anti-aging kit (all three) for $99.99, which I think is absolutely worth it. I’ve been using it for a month now, and my skin has never looked better, honestly. Especially this time of year where rich foods and lots of red wine and whiskey come into play, my skin stays firm, glowing, and smooth.

Chocolate Sun, Sunless Tanning Lotion: This is great for those like myself who want to maintain their summer glow, year round. I am also always wary of sunless tanners for the fact that I do not want to put chemicals on my skin if I don’t have too. Chocolate Sun products are made with organically grown botanicals and herbs, pure essential oils, and chemical-free preservatives. All the formulas are free of the unpleasant odor, which often also happens with these products. I found that my tan didn’t fade unevenly and also I had no streaking or dry patches. It was simply as if I kept my summer glow, or went away for a weekend in the sun. My skin turns very pale this time of year, and it’s nice to have a glow through the fall and winter to keep me motivated and feeling good. These tanning creams run around $40.00/bottle and come in a variety of tones.

FACE atelier BronzerThis Ultra Bronzer works like a charm when you want to contour and cover up pale skin. This is a compact little bronzer you can take anywhere anytime for perfect touchups all day long. I find using this in conjunction with my sunless tanning lotion and Cyantific lotions, I have no dryness, streaks, and it works well even with foundation. This may sound like a lot to put on the skin, but this ultra bronzer is light and bold, so you don’t need that much to get the glowing and bronzed look you are seeking. This is also great to travel with when you want to keep your skin bronzed while abroad (you can take it on the plane). $36.00/.27oz

Again, it’s very rare I mention beauty on here but when I do, it’s because I have tested it and found that with my food and beverage-centric lifestyle of events, late nights, and alcoholic beverages, these products have really helped keep my skin gorgeous and glowing. Even with all the temperature changes, holiday stress, and excitement this time of year, I will have one less thing to worry about: my skin, and that’s a great feeling!