As we make our way into the new year, I decided it was time to ultimately prepare by making a few stylish changes to my everyday look. Working as a Sommelier and Lifestyle Director in the NYC Luxury High Rise sector, I am constantly talking to people, networking, and teaching (wine and food, of course). I have found that over the years, the glasses I have just don’t seem to fit my face, personality, and personal style anymore. It’s also hard when my very old frames, the prescription is not up to date and I sometimes have to wear them while teaching a wine tasting or hosting an event and find I am not only squinting, but also they constantly fall down my face. So, I set out on a search to find affordable, stylish, and quality eyeglasses.

When I found out about, I was excited to finally find a site that has great virtual “try on” abilities. They allow you to put a picture on the screen and virtually try on the glasses, which is really helpful. I know other similar sites have the virtual trial abilities too, but I found the one on was the easiest to use and shows the glasses as true as possible on your face (depends on the picture you use). Seven days after I purchased two pairs, the frames came. The fill in prescription service on this site is seamless, and everything from picking the frames to the coating on the lenses is as easy as 1,2,3!

So, now that I have my two pairs of glasses, which I love I have found that my personal style has been instantly amplified! My favorite pair is absolutely the Drama frames, which surprised me considering it’s not a shape I have ever gone for. These frames give me confidence and also don’t fall down my nose, which is very helpful when pouring wine and hosting events. I also tried a pair of the Presley frames, which are typically what I would pick and they are great as well. I think the quality, style choices, lens options, and variety that has is what sets them apart from the rest. The customer service is extremely friendly and helpful, and the glasses arrived within 7-10 days after purchase.

Confidence comes from within, but if you feel and look good on the outside, ultimately it will radiate through every part of you. That’s what has given me with my new frames. I no longer am embarrassed by having glasses that are too big for my face, and don’t fit my look. I now have two great pairs for around $100.00 that are stylish and sophisticated. Perfect for a new year and new look!