IMG_8765Oh yes I went here again, but this time it was for better videos, pictures, and more flamingo fun of course! Renaissance Island: Aruba’s only private island is a stunning place to lay around, gaze into the beautiful water, and have some flamingo’s by your side.


IMG_8808I’s a simple 10 minute boat ride to this magical island full of food, booze, and fun. As you step off the boat, you are greeted with colorful fish, beautiful walking paths connecting both private beaches, and the friendliest staff. The menu is full of delicious options at very reasonable prices, and the cocktails are heavenly!




Between the amazing views, the great priced food and cocktails, and these pink birds who adore you when you feed them, this private island is the perfect way to spend a relaxing and more quiet day. My favorite part about the flamingo feeding was that this particular guy (below) was very persistent. He walked right over to the feeder where I was getting some food from and took it right out of my hand. He strutted his stuff down the bridge and for this I had to give him the first round of food.  He then proceeded to politely tap my back every time I would try to feed other flamingos, but it was so adorable I had to keep feeding him every time he did tap me. The feeding doesn’t hurt, for those of you with some bird feeding fear, and it feels like a light tickle… its really something you have to do when you stay at the Marriott Renaissance!

Renaissance Island is a peaceful oasis made for those who love to relax, rejuvenate, and of course… feed flamingos! 

IMG_8761My Mi Ola bathing suit was the perfect choice for this outing as the bottoms are super sexy and this is deffinetely a beach where you are bending a lot. Between the flamingo feeding, sun bathing, and cocktails, it was a good thing this suit was designed not to fall all over the place and expose those parts that need no exposure! You still get the greatest tan lines with Mi Ola swimwear and these suits are slimming, affordable, and come in tons of colors!

How can you get to Renaissance Island? Stay at the Marriott Renaissance in Downtown Oranjestad, Aruba where there is a ton of shopping, cruise ships, and family fun. The Renaissance hotel however is very chic, modern, and one of my favorite places to be when I am not enjoying my time share in Oranjestad.

IMG_8809Oh and yes… for those of you who follow me on Instagram (@SommInTheCity) I found a  fan! This hermit crab followed me all the way down the beach, so I had to give him some love!!