Packing for a booze and food filled trip can be tricky, especially when traveling to the Caribbean. What to wear, what to bring, and how much to pack is essential to making your trip enjoyable. As I write this from Aruba, where I work annually, I have come to learn that there are certain things that are necessary to make your sun, sand, and stay the best ever.

My top picks for this year’s trip are:

g_218_kristina_whiteboard1Mi Ola Swimwear: These swim suits are stylish, sexy, and hug your curves in all the right places. While sipping a cocktail by the pool, moving around the lounge chairs can be a bit of a “peep show” with most swimwear. With Mi Ola, the bottoms never slide down, the top stays on and tight, and for those of you who enjoy water sports, these suits are for you!


verseo-eglide-roller-electrolysis-system-278x278Verseo E-Glide: Because no one likes to have hair where hair is not needed right? I started using this a week before I left for the trip, and have seen hair re-growth reduction. This is essential with the constant sand, chlorine, and sun, where normal razors can leave an itching or patchy look to your skin when exposed to these environments. Perfectly packable and easy to use, this is one of my newest travel essentials.


concentrated-formula_grandeTick Tock Naturals:  For those of you who are “bug prone” or attractive to flies, mosquitos, and other insects this natural product will become your best bud while laying on the beach or by the pool. If there is even one bug on the island, it will find me; maybe its all the wine and cocktails making my blood so sweet. Either way, in the Caribbean there is the Chikungunya virus and no one has the time for that. Tick Tock Naturals Organic Insect Repellent for Mosquitos, ticks and bugs is safe for adults, kids and pets. DEET-free, eco-friendly bug protection year round. Concentrated formula with fresh scent.

SwimSpray_chlorine_hair_skin_removal_1_largeSwim Spray: A day at the pool can do damage to those with blonde or light hair, thin hair, and basically hair in general. No one likes the chlorine smell or the irritation, and if you decide to just throw on a dress or shirt, head to a bar for a happy hour, swim spray will take that chlorine smell and feel away! This is essential as I sometimes have daytime wine tastings for work, and then want to pool lay later in the day. I throw on a dress, spray a little on my hair and body, and its as simple as that to looking good, and not smelling like a pool.

71nMEVccs5L._SY355_Arganesse Hair Treatment: Although the ocean water is beautiful and great for hair scrunching and rejuvinaton, it can certainly leave you feeling frizzy and less shiny. I know being outside in the sun all day makes my hair frizz up as if I stuck my finger in an electircal socket. Arganesse is packable size wise, and is great for when you want to rejuvinate your hair, control the frizz, and add some much needed shine!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPartida Tequila: The “Nip” size, or 50ML is perfect to bring along on the trip. I love to bring tequila because studies show that it aids in “less weight gain”, and I am certainly not going to fight those facts. I brought this booze because pools and beaches pair perfectly with a margarita, or tequila on the rocks with some lime. I enjoy the clean and smooth flavors in Partida Tequila and simply pop them into my carry on for the trip.

Perfect Pool Cocktail:

2 oz Partida Tequila

2 oz Fresh Lime

2 oz Club Soda

Method: Salt the rim if you wish, mix all ingredients together, and enjoy!

Fit cocktail tip: This is full of alkaline which is essential for your health, and the club soda fills your stomach so you can get a little tipsy quicker, with less calories and alcohol! 

IMG_8320Dune Jewelry: These sand bracelets make perfect memories of your beach trips. They always accept sand and appreciate it if you bring some back to send them, so while your on the beach and want to have a memory forever, grab some sand, and send it to Dune Jewelry! Soon enough, they make you a gorgeous cuff bracelet, which I paired with a nice bottle of Champagne for valentines day here.