Owning and operating a business in general is never easy. It’s hard work but so rewarding when you make it a success. Advertising can be costly too, but what if I told you there was a way to get your companies name up in “lights” where you can and will look like a star… would you want to hear more?  

Ellen_On_Zeusvision Zeusvision Public is a new gigantic way to get your small business or large business more exposure to crowds and people who are the perfect target audience, but with the hustle and bustle of NYC, may not be exposed to your company. Zeusvision is a 40ft bus with 31ft digital screens, and some of the best digital sound.

Imagine you own a café or coffee house. Social media does a lot, but what if you could reach a crowd, and when everyone turns to see that big bus, what would you want to be on it? Your logo, face, mission statement? Just imagine that now, what are the feelings and thoughts you would have, seeing your company up in lights for so many people to see, tweet, and share.

Pacific-Rim-on-Zeusvision-Atlas-class-bus-Marina-Del-Rey-CASay you don’t have your own company, but still want to say something special. For PR companies, this is great for your clients, for men… think about proposing to your future fiancé, and parents, what about your college graduate, don’t you think this “Congrats Grad” will really make a statement?

Zeusvision, created by Giovanni Wolfgang (CEO, and inventor) is a public messaging platform.The beauty of this technology is that anyone could use to get their personal message or commercial advertisement out in highly visible public spaces. He explains, “The idea is to make influential media accessible to everyone, because you might have something to say that deserves more attention than the comment section on the bottom of a Facebook post”.

YellowPages-on-Zeusvision-Atlas-Class-bus-Hollywood-CAThe cost of a Zeusvision bus is about $100,000 per month, however Zeusvision Public changes all of that by making exclusive outdoor advertising affordable for everyone. This will change the balance of power in the outdoor advertising industry indefinitely, with packages starting at $99. Just think, you too can look and be a “big fish” without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for advertising.

Want to know more? See it for yourself here. This is the best way to get your message out and in the open for the world to see. Zeusvision Public has you and your company in mind always.

Here are some other “Zeus-full” ideas: 

  • Posting a congratulations picture of her daughter’s soccer team win
  • Announcing her son’s wedding
  • Wishing a happy birthday to a family member
  • Mother’s and Father’s day announcements
  • Celebrating a wedding anniversary
  • Posting a picture of special moment for Valentines Day
  • Welcoming home a soldier