When most people think about relaxation, they picture a luxurious bath overflowing with bubbles. Perhaps there are a few candles softly lighting the room and soothing music playing in the background. Maybe you like to enjoy your bath with a book, or maybe you’re a prop your tablet up on the toilet and watch Netflix kind of a person.

However you like to enjoy your bath, it can almost always be enhanced by a delicious glass of wine. But how do you choose the best one?

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Think about alcohol content

When you’re in a warm bath, you’ll be relaxed and possibly a little light-headed. Depending on how hot you like your bath, there’s a chance you’ll be overheating a little! For these reasons, it’s best to choose a wine that isn’t too boozy when you’re picking out a bathtub wine; otherwise, you might find yourself dehydrated and woozy.

A lighter wine like a Pinot Noir from the Pacific Northwest is a good choice because it’s still delicious but doesn’t pack quite as much of a punch.

Bring the fizz

If you’re looking to pamper yourself, there’s nothing that says extravagance quite like a glass of champagne. Be sure to keep the bottle chilled in an ice bucket so that it doesn’t get too warm in your steamy bathroom, and enjoy from a tall flute to really make yourself feel as though you’re being pampered.

For some extra indulgence, bring a bowl of strawberries into the room with you. If you get a taste for a bath with a side of champagne, and you want to up your bath experience, why not consider upgrading your bathroom to match your drink? You can get a range of bathrooms from beautifulbathroom.net, including bathrooms designed with mobility in mind.

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Room temperature wine

Baths are only really enjoyable if they are nice and warm, and if the room you’re in is warm, too. Nobody wants to get goosebumps every time they dare to raise an arm above the water! Wine temperature isn’t an exact science, and it does rely heavily on personal preference. That said, the fact that baths need to be in a warm room does rule out some wines. Lighter and fruiter wines like a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc will usually taste better served at a colder temperature, so they might not be at their best if you have them in the bath.

Instead, try a wine with a deeper flavour, such as a Merlot. For best results, chill it for 15 minutes in the fridge before pouring out your glass. That way, it will be at its best when you actually come to drink it.


If you like to use essential oils or other heavily fragranced bath products, bear in mind that this can have an impact on the taste of your wine. Try an aromatic wine such as a Gewürztraminer which can hold its own, no matter how many bath bombs you throw in there!

You can have the bath you’ve been thinking about all day and enjoy a glass of wine with it when you take into consideration the best type of wine that pairs well.