Photo by Karolina Grabowski


A pantry is a perfect addition to anyone’s home – especially homeowners who love to cook! It helps you organize your food, ensuring every cooking session, from breakfast to dinner, is as simple as possible. Plus, with everything there in front of you, it makes it simpler to come up with recipes using what you already have in stock.

So, if you’re ready to create the best pantry you’ve ever had, read on.

Start with the Door

The pantry door is important. It’s the only part of the pantry you will see when you aren’t inside it, after all. It’s a prominent part of your kitchen’s overall décor! For this reason, you must think about how the door looks and how easy it is to get in and out.

One of the best types of doors for pantries is a barn door. The reason is they look classically rustic and slide open easily. They save on space while looking fantastic. Not sure where to get your pantry barn door from? Check out Arizona barn doors for some of the best styles for your home.

Install Stable Shelves

The shelves are also incredibly important, as that’s where you store all your food. Crucially, they need to be stable. You don’t want an accident where all your jars, cans, and cereals come falling on top of you!

Install shelves that are both stable and plenty big enough to hold all your produce. Try to vary the sizes in-between, too – cereal boxes will need more height than canned foods, for example.

Use Natural, Rustic Colors

While the design of your pantry is entirely up to you if you want a classic look that never goes out of style, use natural, rustic colors like browns and greys. You can always add a splash of another color like dark blue or yellow for some added beauty. It’s best to use natural materials, too – wood and metalwork well. Hang some herbs, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to an old fairytale cottage!

Ensure There’s Plenty of Space

Space is crucial when it comes to your pantry. Not just for the food, either – you need plenty of room to step inside and look around. When making your pantry, ensure you can comfortably stand inside to grab your jam jars and cereal boxes without feeling overly cramped. While it doesn’t need to be roomy enough for two, you still want space to move!

Create an Organized System

Lastly, an organized system in your pantry is essential. Without one, the pantry will be an untidy mess of different produces in random places. You’ll have the pasta next to the jam and the sugar next to the white wine vinegar. Nobody wants that!

Start by listing all the different foods you plan to store inside the pantry. That should include:

. Canned Foods

. Vinegar and Wine

. Nuts and Seeds

. Jars

. Cereals

. Rice and Pasta

. Snacks – Sweet and Savory

. Baking Ingredients

. Condiments

Once you know what’s going in, create an organized system – and stick to it.

A pantry makes cooking and finding snacks much easier. By ensuring stable shelves, plenty of space, and an organized system, you ensure your pantry serves you well.