About four years ago, I was walking down steps built in the Roman Era, in a vineyard, with the most incredible view I have ever seen. I was in Galacia, Spain on an amazing press trip, when my foot slipped out from underneath me, and I hit those ancient steps hard; and I mean hard!

The slip didn’t seem that bad, just 2 steps, and I caught the railing slightly. Little did I know how much damage I actually did to myself. I came back to the USA with a fractured elbow, strained ankle, and I didn’t know it at the time… but herniated discs!

I’ve always suffered from Tendonitis because of many years as a pastry chef, private chef, and sommelier, which is pretty common in our industry. Every single one of my friends in hospitality has always told me they have overuse injury some time or another, and it can be debilitating at times!

I’ve tried many things, including Cryo, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, and Prescription medication. Some work, I am certainly a fan of acupuncture and cryo, however sometimes I am looking for more. I recently got the chance to meet Dr. Marco Ferrucci one of the owners of Regenerate Softwave Therapy. This amazing studio in Hoboken is right off the path, so great for New Yorker’s like myself who just want to pop in and out quickly. It was a simple train ride away, and a short session, for weeks worth of pain-free feels!

Started with my neck, where most of my inflammation lies.

Dr. Marco walked me through the system, which is pretty amazing. They use softwave technology, to literally target and get down into the tissues of your muscles and obliterate all the inflammation. Now, I suffer from inflammation issues in general, so I knew my first session would be a little uncomfortable because if you even press my neck some days, I will flinch.

Dr. Marco was kind and gentle and told me what I may feel before he did the session, which was nice to know what to expect. It honestly felt like a small hammer tapping my neck and shoulders. The more inflammation you have in a spot, the “harder” the hammer feeling will feel, but after about a minute my body adjusted and I actually really enjoyed it!

The more inflammation in an area, the more painful it will be. BUT it’s tolerable and this therapy works!

You could feel as he would go over the same spot it would become easier and easier, and the pain literally was gone. I felt lighter after and was able to move my neck more, resulting in more range of motion. He also was able to do my elbow while I was there and that’s great if you suffer from wrist problems and overuse injury like I do. This non-invasive technology is so great for those looking for amazing pain relief. I can honestly say that this does work, and is worth a try if you’re looking for great Dr.’s who really understand this technology.

If you’re seeking a new non-invasive way to relieve your pain, then Regenerate Softwave Therapy is a great option! You will absolutely love the office, and staff, as well as Dr. Marco. Want to try it for yourself? First sample sessions are $49, which is a great deal!