“Did somebody say fondue”?

IMG_7949You know when you taste something absolutely extraordinary you just cant get it out of your head for days afterwards? That’s exactly how you will feel after you take a few bites from the dishes at Trestle on Tenth. Between the Sweetbreads, the Fondue, and the Swiss Wines, your palate will be in pure bliss.

The night started off with some Swiss Wines: a glass of the Fendant Grand Cru Chasselas to be exact. This wine is dry, full of bright yellow apple, ripe pear, and is stunning as an aperitif or with a nice light salad or appetizer. To prep the palate for some Swiss Fondue, Pan Seared Sweetbreads with Celery, Preserved Lemon, and Hazelnuts were in order. I mean… how could I not after a description like that? Lets just say, it was the absolute best decision!IMG_7953


These sweetbreads are crispy, tender, and delectable when paired with the Robinot, L’Ange Vin, Fêtembulles, Jasnière, Loire, France, 2010. This Sparkling Chenin Blanc is crisp, beautiful, and so pair-able with anything pan seared or fried!

IMG_7961In between the sweetbreads and the fondue, which I’m about to tell you about, a cocktail was in order. The Autumn Shade is made with Bulleit Bourbon, Lillet, Lemon, Basil, Honey, and Burlesque Bitters. This cocktail I recommend highly with the fondue or in-between courses.

IMG_7962Out came the Fondue, served with Gherkin Pickles, Potatoes, Meats, and Bread. There really is something so sexy about melted cheese, and once I saw the potatoes I was extra excited. I have never thought to dip potatoes in my fondue before, but now I don’t know how I lived without doing just that; it’s genius and delicious! The gooey bubbling cheese went beautifully with the Autumn Shade cocktail, as well as one of their brunch cocktails called The Chelsea Rose.

This cocktail is full of grapefruit and packs a punch bold enough to handle the “seductively melty” cheese.

IMG_7972Boy was I full, however the dessert menu was too good not to take a peek. The Chocolate Mint Molten Cake paired with a Chateau Manos Cadillac from Bordeaux was just what the night needed to end on a sensationally sweet note. The molten cake rich and delectable, and has the prettiest mint flavors; Kudos to Pastry Chef Danielle Kapner. This is not one where mint and sweetness take over, the mint is real and it is infused into the Ganache center. The wine paired was a perfect choice, and for those of you nervous on what wine to choose Nicole Solanick, the Manager is the biggest help when it comes to the menu selection and some fun pairings; so don’t be afraid to ask!

Chef Ralf Kuettel is strikingly talented, and I promise you that whatever you decide to order here at Trestle on Tenth, you will not be disappointed one bit. However, I strongly recommend you get the Fondue while you can, as its only going to be here this winter.