Born in 2006 out of a desire to explore and experiment with wines without many rules! “Made from the vineyard blocks that are either too young or don’t fit into the vintage style of the highly acclaimed JONATA and The Hilt wines—The Paring is a cut of each estate.  The Paring puts pedigree first, and then lets imagination take over.”-

The grapes for these wines are sourced primarily from the Santa Barbara regions, and The Paring has quite the diverse portfolio of wines. They’re wines for all occasions, and I am not going to lie… I love them all!

The Paring 2017 Red is a blend, and is just delicious. I paired this wine with some amazing Wegmans cheeses and charcuterie on a lovely afternoon. This red is great for mid-day drinking as we were just starting Happy Hour and wanted a red to compliment many flavors on our board. It’s delicious and smooth with alluring fruit aromas and flavors. The cassis, tobacco, and chocolate really come through on the palate making this a great wine for all year long. This wine really focuses on the fruit, and is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cab Franc, and Petit Verdot.

The Paring Sauvignon Blanc is also delicious and what I like to call a “Pool Pounder” because it’s just so refreshing for summer! Don’t let it’s striking acidity and fruit flavors fool you though, you can easily drink this through fall too, and other seasons, as it can stand up to some nice cuisines year round. This beautiful white does see some oak, but it’s incredibly well integrated and just absolutely stunning!

The 2017 Syrah explores different styles and vineyards from Santa Ynez Valley. I happen to love syrah, and I mean LOVE syrah. I was so excited to try this wine and it lived up to its expectations beautifully! It has power, sweet fruit, spice, savory notes, and a darkness that’s just so seductive. It’s a perfectly balanced wine thats again, ideal anytime of year but if you’re enjoying it this summer like myself, then I absolutely recommend this one with some Filet Mignon, Lamb Burgers, or BBQ Dry Rubbed Ribs!

The Paring wines are for pleasure and meant to be enjoyed at home or anywhere. These wines are so easy to drink and I guarantee if you bring one to a gathering, it will be one of the first bottles to go! This winery is absolutely in my top 10 of best quality wines to bring to gatherings for guests when I just want to bring something delicious but that everyone will drink. I also happen to love wines from Santa Barbara because of the sun and cool oceanic winds, which produce unforgettable wines like The Paring collection.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!