IMG_2450Ok, so it’s Wine Wednesday technically in the social media world, but I decided to do a little something different and make a cocktail pairing with dinner and dessert at home.  Thanks to Manhattan with a Twist and DBC PR and New Media, I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing Knob Creek event that got my creative juices flowing in the kitchen, little as it is!

Let’s start with the cocktail that inspired this meal. At the event they made a variety of cocktails with Knob Creek as a base Bourbon. I decided to do a Knob Creek and Samuel Smith cocktail. The beer mellows out the Knob Creek and adds a certain nuttiness, that when blended together…well, it’s just heaven!


For dinner, since its summer and a great season to BBQ, I whipped up some Pork Tenderloin Sliders with Chipotle Mayo and Grilled Onions. I grilled some Chiabatta Bread to add some nice crunch to this delicious slider. The Bourbon Beer cocktail was an absolute treat with this dish as Knob Creek certainly holds its own with pork; and the sweetness of the onion and the grilled bread was so enticing with the beer in the cocktail.


Onto my favorite part which is always dessert! Inspired by Giada from the Food Network, I decided to put a little spin on her apple and cinnamon rings. The batter was very simple and almost the same as on her site except, I used Wondra Flour instead of all-purpose, which made for a nice fluffy, lighter texture to the apple rings. When they come out of the frying pan simply whip up her salted cinnamon sugar and you have yourself an amazing dessert, especially with the cocktail.

Everything was quick and simple, left very little mess in the kitchen, and was a great dish for my little New York kitchen. Always remember, no matter the size of your kitchen, you never have to skimp on sophistication!