This summer we had our couples shower! It was a wonderful day in NJ where we sipped some Cocktails by the Bride as well as enjoyed a selection of decadent catering, cupcakes, and a donut wall. I did not want a traditional bridal shower because I wanted to just have fun, keep it casual, and make the food and drinks the focus along with my hubby to be and I.

We were showered with tons of love, gifts, and it was a day to remember. If you’re planning a shower soon, here are some great ways to make it truly custom and inventive without breaking your bank.

  • Custom cocktailsMost restaurants won’t let you bring in your own liquor so this is more for the backyard parties like I had, but making your own custom cocktails is a great way to give everyone a taste of your personalities! I had a menu of 3 crafted cocktails: Cucumber Lime Mule, Bourbon Thyme Lemonade, and a Grapefruit Honey Margarita. I made them all ahead of time in large batches and put them into “Capri Sun” style drink pouches. This was perfect for a pool party, and when you add ice and a straw, it looks fabulous!


Support local when it comes to food- In NJ where I am from there are a ton of great local chefs and also there’s a culinary high school where I went to before I went to Johnson and Wales University. We decided it would be great to order from a restaurant we loved locally, and have two young aspiring chef’s make some appetizers and desserts for the party. I had Food Coma make these wonderful handmade empanadas and they were out of this world delicious. He hand makes the dough and filling and the flavors are bold and amazing. I am also a classic cupcake fan, chocolate with chocolate icing, and thanks to Kyra’s Cupcakes, we got just that! They were soft and delicious, and she’s an adorable aspiring pastry chef. 


  • Get your trials done that day- I didn’t want to spend extra money coming to NJ to get my hair and makeup trial on top of my hair and makeup for my shower, so I was able to schedule my wedding hair and makeup trials the day of my shower!

Your makeup will stay on all day, plus no one truly remembers what it looks like compared to your wedding day, because you will look and feel different as well as your bridal glow will shine too much brighter.  I did my hair like I wanted for my wedding, but we did not add the hair piece, since I did not want people to see it before the wedding, and I made my makeup a touch darker, but overall it was a great way to do it and look amazing for my shower. Thank you to Make Me Up Eva, and Cindy @WhosYourHairGirl for such an amazing bridal experience!


  • Just have fun!- It’s your day, and just have fun with it. My day, we had rain all day long until the party and then after 1 hour of the party starting, it stopped and we enjoyed it outdoors until the late evening. I was a bit stressed, but we had a tent which I think is crucial to any outdoor party, and it honestly wound up working really well.