image003-9Craving pumpkin pie but not the calories that come with it this Thanksgiving? Look no further than Yogen Früz to get your pumpkin fix and still stay on track with your diet and fitness routine.

I know from experience that with my lifestyle, craving desserts means one less tasting, glass of wine, or event attendance in order to keep my body in balance and healthy enough. This gets hard around the holidays because thats when all the delicious comfort food and fall flavors manifest everywhere.

At Thanksgiving, dessert is just as much of a staple as the main meal. With Yogen Früz’s Pumpkin Spice ü sensation treat, you can enjoy the flavors of frozen yogurt blended with pumpkin pie filling and pumpkin spice. It is then topped with graham cracker cookie crumbs!

image004-3Now, for those of you who choose to forgo the Pumpkin Spice trend, there too is a flavor for you. Apple Pie cravings can also be enjoyed with a low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt blended with real apple slices and cinnamon. If you choose to share with family and friends, be sure to pick up a Yogen Früz Tügo, which offers catering boxes to make customized frozen yogurt creations while you celebrate your holidays.  The Tügo catering boxes provide up to 5 yogurt flavürs plus 10 different toppings. This should help you satisfy your cravings and sweet tooth obsessions.

Yogen Früz frozen yogurt takes the natural sugar from the fruit it is blended with, which gives it a fresh taste thats so delicious. Each low fat serving is high in fiber with essential vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants. This Thanksgiving if you want to feel like your splurging, but keep your calories for the extra glass or two of wine, then try some frozen yogurt for yourself.