IMG_2409                                                                                                                             Teuwen Communications invited me recently to participate in a Twitter Taste and Tweet hosted by the Wines of Alsace. This lovely evening with four very nice bottles of wine was the perfect way to spend a Thursday night.  Although I totally could, but didn’t want to necessarily drink four bottles of wine by myself, I decided to plan a pairing party with some friends!


Oh what a night this was, not only did I get to make a variety of delicious pairing appetizers, but after the tweeting session ended I taught my guests a little thing or two about Alsatian Riesling.  The number one comment, which fueled me during this evening, was when one guest stated, “I thought all Rieslings were sweet”. That phrase is a challenge in itself and I made sure I reviewed all the wines, took tasting notes, and planned out how they would learn about Alsace and the variety of tastes that make them so enjoyable.


The 2010 Trimbach Riesling was crisp and had racy acidity. On the nose, aromas of citrus, fresh white flowers, and some minerality were bright, following through to a peachy citrus palate. This wine went great with the grilled butterfly shrimp we had and also the triple berry brussel sprout salad.

The organic 2011 Meyer-Fonne Riesling Reserve was a beautiful wine and was my second favorite. With an elegant palate and a nose full of pineapple, green apple, and lemon, this wine was crisp, clean, and lovely with the Prosciutto wrapped Peaches over whipped Goat Cheese on Crostini. The soft acidity and the peach and citrus notes blended so well with this choice, but also showed some nice, brighter qualities when tasted with the Mushroom Bruschetta and Balsamic Reduction.



Next we went to the 2011 Weinbach Riesling Cuvee, which had a delicate scent you really had to sink your nose into. I happen to like wines like this though because I like a little challenge and they usually have a bright palate full of wonderful flavors that don’t come out in the nose necessarily. This wine has more orangey notes and a nose full of peach and spice similar to anise or sweeter baking spice. The palate was slightly herbaceous and citrusy and was fun with the Gouda Cheese, Caramelized Onion and Brie Crostini, and even the Grilled Tortellini! IMG_2373


Finally we came to my favorite wine of the night. As much as I loved them all, the 2011 Domaine Osterag Riesling stole my heart that evening. The nose was lively and leaped out of the glass with peaches, white flowers, some honey suckle, and was just so very fresh. This fun wine envelopes your palate with nice acidity, peaches, and minerals that feel as if they dance on your tongue and leave you with a happy uplifting impression encouraging you to try another sip! This pick was paired with Champagne Cheese and the Grilled Shrimp and was wonderful.

Again, thanks to the Wines of Alsace and Teuwen Communications, this made for a very enjoyable and educational evening! And the group of friends, well they have already booked another wine and food pairing event for August!

Watch the video on my Somm Style Youtube Channel!