Port, a wine from Portugal that can certainly be described as “pretty” don’t you think? The aromas are usually raisin like, bold, and adventurous, yet you always know pretty much what your getting with this wine. The colors range from brick, ruby, purple, and with age… brown.

Croft-Pink-Port         Port comes in Red, White, and Tawny but we now can welcome a PINK Port to the lovely mix. This Rosé style port is salmon pink and absolutely gorgeous. Croft has to name this one Pink as it is unlike any other port you will find from Portugal. Fermented in Stainless Steel for 10 days with out any foot treading, this wine is setting what hopefully will be a fun, budget friendly, trend of wines to come from this region. Not all port will break the bank, so do not let me mislead you, but to some, spending more than $20.00 on a bottle is just not in the cards. This wine will suffice those who want to stay within a certain budget.

Foot treading? For those of you not familiar with this wine crushing process let me lay it out for you. People still in Porto crush the grapes with their feet. This helps the grapes get fully crushed, but is gentler than a giant press machine so you don’t get all of those really bitter flavors from the pips and stems. It also helps extract the color from the skins, which gives port that gorgeous deep color.

Croft Pink is around $19.99 and absolutely worth every cent. This wine comes alive on the palate with bold notes of strawberry, raspberry, and playful candied aromas. It is smooth, fun, and perfect for the rosé lover who wants something a little different with some sweeter notes.

  Dare to be a little different? Try mixing the Croft Pink into cocktails! This wine makes for an excellent cocktail addition and will wow your guests on any occasion. Try it with a little sparkling wine, mint, and or orange peel for a fun and flavorful experience!