For millennia, wine has been the drink of choice for celebrations and gatherings. Toasting the good health of a host or newlywed couple is one of humanities oldest traditions, making wine a must-have drink for weddings, birthdays and just about any kind of party.

Wine is also an opportunity for a connoisseur to begin a new hobby. Wines are incredibly varied, and the differences between one bottle and another, or one vintage and another, can be staggering. Having a good knowledge of wines and the different grapes that make them can be incredibly interesting, as well as valuable information to have when visiting a restaurant or wine merchant.

In recent years many vineyards have started to experiment with different methods for wine fermentation and flavoring. There are many wines available now that have different alcohol contents and flavor structures to try and open up wine to more people, and offer them wines that are more approachable for the new consumer.

One of the most popular wine varieties to come from this is wine infused with Cannabidiol or CBD. These wines use the medicinal features and the complex flavors of cannabis to produce new wines that offer the relaxing benefits of CBD and the intense flavors of different cannabis strains to bring new wines to the market and offer consumers something different.

Here we are going to look at some of the reasons why CBD infused wine is becoming more popular, and what it has to offer the modern wine consumer. So, what is the deal with CBD infused wine?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the compounds found in cannabis, or marijuana. The effects usually associated with cannabis and marijuana come from another compound found in the plant called THC.

Cannabidiol is associated with the medicinal benefits that cannabis offers and has led to its decriminalization and legalization across the country and further out across the world. CBD has become one of the world’s most popular supplements in the last few years, offering people relief from things like inflammation and poor sleep and even epilepsy and cancer recovery.

You should check out a reputable CBD vendor if you would like to learn more about CBD and how you could use it as a supplement in your diet to treat any ailments you or your family may have. CBD has even become a popular way to treat pets for problems they may have.

Why are People Infusing Wine with CBD?

Infusing wine with cannabidiol has become very popular in vineyards in America and in Europe. Wine infused with cannabidiol often has a lower alcohol content than traditional wines and takes on some of the flavors from the plants use to make it.

This has led wine infused with CBD to fill a niche in the market for wine connoisseurs that are looking for something different, with new flavors, that is more relaxing to drink and can be consumed in higher quantities without consuming excessive amounts of alcohol.

What Type of Wine Infused with CBD is available?

There are many vineyards experimenting with CBD infusion, and the products they are producing are quite varied. Many try to utilize the flavors of cannabis to add a new flavor to a wine they have produced that may be quite plain tasting, or to add earthy tones and sweetness to a bold, heavy flavored wine.

Many of the wines are focused on having a relaxing, social drink and have a reduced alcohol content to allow consumers to drink the wine for longer periods without feeling the effect of too much alcohol.

Wine will forever be a popular choice at the dinner table or at an important event. CBD infused wines are going to become more popular over the next decade, with some markets reporting that consumption has doubled over the last year and showing no signs of slowing.