Magnifico Sparkling Wine as we all know from my last post is fantastic. I recently had the Honey Lavender infused sparkling wine, and it was out of this world! I wanted to pair this with a fun lunch and decided that its always a great idea to pair your left overs with a great wine, so I did.

IMG_1971  You will notice my write up on Cocktail Craze about an amazing meal I had at Black Tree. The pairing I did while there, was a pickle back one, but because the portions are large, I was so lucky to take some home. I sautéed (my method of reheating) the Honey Glazed Carrots and the Garlic Romanesco to warm things up. The Cauliflower Sandwich, which was absolutely addicting, I threw in the broiler for a few minutes and heated that slightly too.

This little lunch bite was heaven with the Honey Lavender IMG_1972infused wine. The subtle sweetness and bubbles added something to that perfect crunch of a sandwich. The garlic sauce on the Romanesco wasn’t overpowered by the wine, and in fact, complimented the sauce very nicely. They honey glazed carrots of course went well with the wine, not only because they both have honey, but I just happen to love sweet veggies and sparkling wine together.

IMG_1973Magnifico makes amazing flavors and is perfect for that afternoon bubble you need every so often. Be sure to make your own fun pairings, and also check out Black Tree on the Lower East Side for some fantastic food, and splendid spirits!


Always remember… eat what you like, and drink what you love!