IMG_0899It’s spaghetti in a cone! This modern to-go spaghetti from The Spaghetti Incident (yes named after the Guns and Roses album) in the Lower East Side is just what you need when you want some delicious Italian pasta… on the go. From Puttanesca to Kale Pesto, Carbonara to Marinara, the options are abundant and delicious.

The idea of the cone came about when they simply wanted to eat pasta on the go. So many types of street food are enjoyed by cone and make it easy for transportation, so why not spaghetti? It works, it’s delicious, and super simple to carry. It is a big cone however, so you may want to save some for later, which you can with the re-sealable lid. No fuss, no mess, only great pasta made to order with your favorite sauce.

IMG_0902Also love Arancini? They give that to go in a cone too, and the Crab and Meat ones are some of the best I have had in the city!  Try this fun and unique pasta place in the Lower East Side… it’s a stop you must not miss!