image001-27Female winemakers are making some fierce moves within the wine industry. I have a passion for sharing wines I love as well as showcasing some top female talent and Truvée Wines by the McBride sisters are some Central Coast wines you will want to try! 

Truvée comes from the French verb “to find,” and it tells the unique story of the McBride sisters. They are wine professionals who grew up continents apart and unaware of each other’s existence for nearly half of their lives, eventually finding their way to each other following their father’s final wish.

When I heard this story I was in shock, merely at the fact that I have been spoiled and have had a best friend since birth; my twin sister. I could never imagine growing up without her and am moved by the McBride sister’s story.

Their Central Coast wines are Chardonnay and a Red Blend. I was pleasantly surprised by the red blend and love the chardonnay with some baked clams. This time of year both wines are great for your dinner table and will pair beautifully with holiday meals.

Raised among the vineyards of two new-world winemaking regions, California and New Zealand respectively, Robin and Andréa McBride both developed an appreciation for the art of winemaking. After an introduction following their father’s death, the two sisters immediately found common ground with their appreciation for wine, food and entertaining. Combining their 10 years of industry experience, the two embarked on a winemaking journey together, launching their own négociant winemaking business! 

Truvée wines embody the their signature winemaking style: blending old and new world winemaking techniques and making quality wine an affordable luxury to wine drinkers across the country. Carefully crafted from some of the best vineyard sites from where Robin grew up, California’s Central Coast, Truvée makes its debut with the 2013 Chardonnay and Red Blend.

image002-18The Truvée’s 2013 Red Blend ($15.99) is similar to that of a Côtes du Rhône Villages style wine, combining seven red varietals into a rich, layered wine with a long lasting finish. This wine is velvety and rich with dark fruit character and noticeable spice notes,

The Truvée’s 2013 Chardonnay ($15.99) combines bright notes of tropical fruit and honeysuckle with a presence of oak that is striking but subtle through the wine. This wine has nice fruit forward aromas and flavors of citrus, pear and granny smith apples with a lingering finish.

Grab your sister, family or friends and embark on a wonderful wine journey inspired by two sisters who made their passions a reality!