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The health and wellness industry, in general, is one that has really been going through a period of growth and interest as of late. There has been a real trend of people who are becoming proactive in the lifestyle choices they make, and the quest to live a healthier and happier life. The industry has seen plenty of products come and go, but one trend that seems to be showing real lasting power is that of CBD products. CBD is popping up in all kinds of different products so that it can address a wide variety of health issues and ailments.

If you haven’t given the CBD trend much of a thought up until this point, this could be the perfect opportunity to brief yourself on its rise to fame and some of the most common uses for the product.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

To say that this is an industry that is enjoying a period of growth seems like a massive understatement, as the hemp-CBD industry is predicted to be worth a whopping $22 billion in the USA alone by the year 2022. It has far surpassed its original niche market status and is now entering the mainstream popping up in a wide variety of products, and in different forms.

What’s helping to drive this industry forward is the fact that CBD can be used in such a wide variety of products. It really takes the whole “niche” out of it. You can now find CBD in beverages, foods, cosmetics, pet foods/treats/supplements, pharmaceuticals, and more. As its reach continues to expand, so does its accessibility, which again helps to make it more mainstream and drive profits up higher.

People Are Looking for Ways to Get Their Slice of the Pie

Now, what’s really interesting about the CBD market is that everyday entrepreneurs and business-minded folks are now looking for ways to get in on the action themselves. With such huge growth and interest in the market, which shows no signs of stopping, people are catching on that this can be a lucrative industry to break into.

With that in mind, CBD oil affiliate programs are catching the eye of thousands across the country, giving them a chance to sell products to their own customers and bring in some extra income. Affiliate programs such as Joy Organics Affiliate Program provides a 25% commission rate, pay-outs are made twice a month, have a “cookie duration” of 60 days, and offers a wide variety of CBD products for customers to choose from (hair care products, gummies, pet treats, and many other options).

You can learn more here about the various affiliate programs catching the eyes of people, such as the SabaiDee Affiliate Program, Vape Bright Affiliate Program, and CBD Pure Affiliate Program.

CBD Oil Remains Among the Most Popular Products

Despite the fact that CBD can be used in so many ways and appear in so many different types of products, it is CBD oil that is proving to be among the most popular option. Cannabidiol, or CBD, has from the Cannabis sativa plant (marijuana plan), but it is free of THC. What makes this so important is that THC is the “ingredient” that makes a person feel high. Without the THC, you can get all kinds of health benefits without the psychoactive cannabinoid and effect.

Some of the ways CBD oil is being used are as follows:

  • to treat pain and inflammation
  • to reduce cancer-related symptoms
  • to help ease depression and anxiety
  • to improve heart health
  • to reduce acne, and much more.

An Exciting Industry to Watch

At the very least, the CBD industry is one that is proving to be quite exciting to watch, especially as even more uses are found for it and new products are released.





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