IMG_0256Beer bread? Yes using actual beer in bread is a wonderful way to kick your basic breads up a notch. Boardwalk Beer Bread Co. gives you the ability to handcraft your own breads with your favorite beer! I used the Abita Strawberry Beer to make this beer bread, and it was wonderful! Sweet enough from the strawberry beer, but with all the delicious and warm fresh baked bread qualities we know and love.

Paired with the bread was a spreadable fresh from the farmers market Rhubarb Butter. I made this myself as rhubarb butter is very easy to make, its organic, and completely healthy using natural sugars. I simply cooked the rhubarb down with some organic coconut palm sugar and voila; beer bread with a fun fresh made sweet butter.

Boardwalk Beer Bread Co. is simple to make, all you do is mix the beer into the flour mixture, whip it up well, and pour into a loaf pan. Within 45 minutes you have a fabulous beer bread even your chef friends will love. Be the best guest at the party when you bring one of these over to your hosts house. With flavor options like Rosemary & Sea Salt, Original, and Cornbread you can make anything you wish! The options are endless and I can’t wait to come up with more fun recipes using my new favorite bread mix.

Super simple for drunk brunch Sundays with the girls!!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love… please pair responsibly.¬†

Rhubarb Butter: by Chef Sara Lehman

4 Stalks Rhubarb (Chopped into small pieces)

2tbsp Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

2tbsp Water

TT Salt & Pepper

Method: In a sauce pot, combine the rhubarb, sugar, and water and cook the rhubarb mixture down until it turns very soft. It will then form into a paste similar to butter. Salt and pepper to taste. Once cooked down enough and sugars are dissolved, place into glass and refrigerate for 1-2 hours. Spread onto Strawberry Beer Bread!