image002-14Spring Break is here and since it’s a few days away from literally becoming spring why not stock up on some great warm weather supplies. I recently tried Bud Light Lemon-Ade Rita. These smooth, citrus filled, very cool cans of lemonade margarita’s were just what I needed to remind me the warm weather is coming and I better get ready!

For those of you on college spring break, pack some of these refreshing rita flavors in your cooler and head down south! These are great for a day at the beach or for a picnic.

IMG_9194I decided to break out my first Lemon-Ade Rita when packing to move into a new NYC apartment! It saved me with the stressfulness of packing, and brought me to a happy place filled with sun, beauty, and tranquility… it also paired well with the sushi I devoured on top of my wardrobe box while sitting on a step stool.

image001-16In celebration of the newest flavor launch, Bud Light Lime Lemon-Ade-Rita collaborated with renowned swimwear brand KAOHS to create a special edition Gypsy Bikini bathing suit in a custom Lemon-Ade-Rita color. Bathing suits are available beginning today for a limited time only: $82/item.

Bud Light Lime Lemon-Ade-Rita will be available in 12-pack, 8 oz. cans, four-pack 16 oz. can and 25 oz. cans. Ritas are 8%* alc/vol flavored malt beverages that blend the refreshment of Bud Light Lime with the taste of authentic margaritas flavors.