IMG_4408The Oscar’s is approaching February 28th… what are your plans? For those who love to “drink and dish” about who wore what best on the red carpet, try approaching this night of fashion, nominations, and winners with a Sour Jack’s Lemon Martini!

This fashionable and easy to make cocktail will surprise and impress! Like the Oscars, this martini will ensure you and your gal pals a night of entertainment, laughter, and flavorful fun. You can easily whip this up into a pitcher size too, by tripling the ingredients and adding in some lemonade, blend it into a frozen sour lemon martini, or simply drink it straight like I enjoyed. Out of the four flavors Sour Jack’s offer’s I thought lemon was the most soothing and reminded me that spring is right around the corner… which is when I usually enjoy my lemon martini’s. The sour aspect to this cocktail from the candy makes it lively and fun, and will surely tantalize your tastebuds!

Sour Jack’s flavors: Watermelon, Green Apple, Lemon, Wild Berry. All make fantastic martini garnishes and sour cocktail additions. Enjoy this Lemon Martini during the Oscar’s 2016 and remember to Please Pair Responsibly…

IMG_4407Sour Jack’s Lemon Martiniby Sara Lehman

4oz Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka

1oz Limoncello

2-3 Lemon Sour Jack’s Candies (one for garnish)

splash of Lemonade


1. In a martini shaker, muddle as best as you can, a splash of lemonade and 2 sour candies. Next combine lemon vodka, limoncello, and ice.

2. Shake and pour through strainer into chilled martini glass. Place a slice into the last sour candy (not one that was in shaker) and garnish glass with the lemon candy.