IMG_7313The French Cheese Board in Soho, NYC is a delicious meeting spot in NYC. Here you can learn the finest points of French cheese culture, sample some amazing cheeses, and even host events. Recently the space hosted a fun and interactive tasting with La Ligue des Fromagers Extraordinaires aka essential Cheesemongers

These knowledgeable Fromagers Extraordinaires taught us how to properly choose a variety of cheese to create authentic French cheese boards. Not only did we get to taste some fantastic bloomy, soft, and hard cheeses, but we learned IMG_7312when to drizzle some honey when to add a touch of sweet jam to create contrast and savory flavors! This is a great way to surprise guests with unexpected cheese and wine pairings. Did you know, when it comes to bloomy rind cheeses, in France they sometimes poke holes in the top of the rind and pour Champagne on the cheese? This gives the cheese a Champagne taste, and makes it extra special for pairing with more Champagne!

When it comes to assembling a cheese board, it’s important to remember that people have different tastes. Laëtitia Gaborit, a Formagers Extraordinaire and consultant, explains that buying different milk types of cheese, is the first step to success when building your board. Below are some other cheese-worthy tips to help you build the best cheeseboard to entertain in style.

IMG_7311Say Cheese:

  1. Buy different types of cheeses for different taste preferences.
  2. On the board: it’s essential to have at least one Soft Bloomy Cheese and one Soft Rind Cheese. (soft rind cheeses are typically orange and have a strong smell)
  3. A cheesemongers delight: have at least one pressed cheese and one hard pressed cheese on your board.
  4. When serving Triple Creme Brie, slice the cheese in half, placing the top bloomy side to counter. In the center of the cheese, place fresh berries, dried fruit, or truffles into the center and place the sliced off top back on. Then slice into large triangle for serving.
  5. Make sure to have at least one Blue Cheese on the board (pairs beautifully with sweet wines)
  6. Enjoy!

Eating French cheese the proper way is the first step towards understanding the history and roots of French Art de vivre. When you taste cheese, all your senses become excited. Here at The French Cheese Board, you can enjoy master classes, conferences, pop-up events, and many more French focused programs. Be sure to check out one of the two locations in NYC and please pair responsibly.