Picture Via: SamuelAdams.com

Born in the nano-brewery in Boston, MA, the Sam Adams New England IPA is a bold and smooth beer that’s medium bodied and full of citrus. The slight sweetness in this IPA is perfectly balanced by the pineapple notes and grapefruit hop character. I love hops but I know for some it can be too bitter or overwhelming, but the New England IPA isn’t overbearing and even with the hops characters it’s attractive without being overly bitter.

Now, normally my experience with Sam Adams has been mainly sticking to my top two beer styles which are Cherry Wheat in the summer and Winter Lager in winter. But due to my love of citrus and hops, I was excited to try this IPA; and it rocks! This bright beer comes in at 6.8% ABV and a low 35 IBUs. It’s an unfiltered IPA that provides a burst of fruited hop aroma and leaves beer drinkers wanting another sip.

From what I know from friends, experts, and drinking, New England IPA’s are generally known for having a juicy, vibrant mouthfeel and opaque, hazy appearance. They are enjoyed fresh and that’s exactly how you should enjoy the new Sam Adams New England IPA.

I enjoy mine in a chilled glass paired with some fun pairings such as…

Picture Via: Sur La Table

  1. Sweet, Spicy, and Salty Pecans the sweet and salty snack pairs perfectly with the bitterness of the hops and the smoothness of the beer. Texturally it’s a fun pairing too.
  2. Steak Fries with a lemon aioli the fries are big enough to handle this smooth but medium bodied beer, and the lemon aioli picks up the fun citrus notes in the beer.
  3. Hawaiian Burger Fun with a twist! Nothing beats a burger and a beer, am I right? This pairing is fun, and the pineapple adds a nice sweet and playful note to the savory meal, all while complimenting the fruit notes in the beer.
  4. Summer Berry Cobbler- This will be a heavy pairing, but if you’re the type that enjoys beer from appetizers through dessert, a summer berry cobbler is a way to go with this beer. Texturally it’s fun and the pairing will really be a hit at your spring and summer BBQs!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love… please pair responsibly!