IMG_0821Rosa Regale is one of my FAVORITE Brachetto’s. Yes I admitted it, my absolute favorite. Everyone that tries a single sip of this light, effervescent, and fruit forward red instantly falls in love. I have a hard time sharing the bottle for the fact that my friends and family bottle hog it, but i’m nice and always share (most of the time).

Brachetto is an Italian grape varietal where in the consumer sphere it’s like the “Red Moscato”. Not that tasting notes are even close to similar, except for the fruitiness and sweetness levels, but when comparing it to another wine, those that like Moscato, will enjoy Brachetto just as much if not more.

Rosa Regale pairs well with spicy foods such as Thai and Indian cuisine, however I decided to do tapas and picnic food with my beautiful red bubbles.

IMG_0815I partnered with True Fabrications which is a wholesale wine accessory company that makes a line of gorgeous picnic baskets( like this one I used for my picnic: Newport Wicker Picnic Basket), wine totes, and cooler picnic totes that you will love. They also make a ton of other fun wine inspired products, perfect for any entertaining at home, outside, etc. I was so excited to grab the chance to snag a picnic basket and partner with True Fabrications because their products are very high quality, great priced, and will make every experience have with them so much more memorable. “Picnic-ing” with my mom in NYC was so much fun and pairing this Rosa Regale with items such as Bacon (instead of a bread basket), Peach Caprese Salad, Onion & Asiago Tartlets, and Lemon Cake & Strawberry Parfaits was delicious. True also makes a line of Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses (first picture) with covers and small handles.

IMG_0808I normally would do a cocktail flight in these mini jars, but they were calling for cake parfaits paired with a beautiful bright wine like this. Rosa Regale is sweet with luscious strawberry and raspberry notes. On the palate you notice clean, fresh, and ripe red berries along with some underlying candied violets; its truly a beautiful wine. 

Try your Rosa Regale with some spicy or slightly sweet dishes. I DID NOT sweeten my whipped cream for these parfait’s, due to the fact that the wine is sweeter and the cake was slightly sweet. This was the perfect compliment to the picnic, and everything fit in my picnic basket from True, along with my Cooler Picnic Tote in fun nautical stripes.

True Fabrications picnic sets come with a set of plates, utensils, wine glasses, a cork screw, and cooler. Everything you need for the perfect summer, spring, or fall picnic! 

Ps. You i’m sure noticed some white wine lingering in the picnic pictures… want to know what that one was? Click here!