IMG_4521Sitting outside in the nice weather, enjoying the rest of the summer is exactly what I have been doing with some Oban 18! I love the smoky Oban 14, don’t get me wrong, but theres something so sensual and sexy about the Oban 18 that I seem to always turn to this one on a nice night!

Thanks to my father, who turned me onto great Single Malts, I have a love for Oban that is endless. Now, of course I do know and love other spirits, but since this article is about Oban, i’m going to stick with writing about it.

This limited edition (when we bought it) Single Malt Whiskey has a nose of honey, lemon peel, and some sweetness. On the palate, it is smooth, and full of caramel. The sexiness in Single Malt is how it tingles on your tongue and makes your senses come alive.

We Paired this with a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero, a blend of many cigar tobaccos that gives it a unique flavor. My father also got me into cigars, and has a Humidor full of some of the best ones I have smoked! (Aren’t parents great!?) This cigar, paired with the Oban 18 was wonderful because the cigar it’s self is unique, complex, and full of spice. This full bodied torpedo shaped cigar complimented the Oban nicely and made for a pleasant evening, outside, enjoying the final weeks of summer.