twitter-pi-day[2]It’s Pi Day!! What does that mean?

“Pi is defined as the distance around a perfect circle divided by the distance across it.”

According to Wholly Wholesome Pie Crust’s, here’s the explanation in “Foodie Terms”: “Pi is the ratio between the number of graham cracker crumbs along the circumference of our Wholly Wholesome pie crust to the number of crumbs across the diameter. 3.14! What a delicious number!”

blueberry-pieEither way today, have fun with math and grab some delicious pie and recipes on the site! I am a big fan of the Blueberry, and Cherry with some Godiva Whipped Cream on top! For the kiddies… plain whipped cream of course.

Pie Pairings: 

Blueberry: Tawny Port

Cherry: Brachetto (semi-sweet)

Apple: Moscato (semi-sweet)

Pumpkin: Amantillado Sherry