IMG_7174Kim Crawford wines are well known, loved, and stunning when paired with many dishes. These New Zealand wines are available at great price points, and make for some great weeknight wines. Recently I was dining with Anthony Walkenhorst, Chief Winemaker of Kim Crawford wines, where we dined at Harlow. Here we tasted through many wines from the Kim Crawford collection, and chatted about his wine making processes, passion, and career.

A charming man, he was open to sharing all of his knowledge, and I must say I learned so much more about Kim Crawford wines because of it. We started off with some Oysters and a Sparkling. Served alongside, and as part of the next course, came a Sauvignon Blanc. Of course the striking acidity in the wines, combined with the salty oysters was a perfect pairing that always should start a meal.

IMG_7179    Shortly after came Crab Pasta with a light Tomato Sauce. This dish was out of this world, yum and pleasantly enjoyed with the Sauvignon Blanc. Chunks of crab combined with the fresh house made pasta, was one incredible first course with the acidic, fruit forward white, as a pairing.


Salmon over Roasted Sweet Corn was next, and perfectly cooked. The Sweet Corn beneath the juicy Medium Rare Salmon was beautiful with these whites, as well as some of the Red wines that Anthony brought. The reds were brought out for the palate cleanser and dessert, however they allowed us a sneak peek with the salmon!



For dessert, came a Raspberry Sorbet with slivered Almonds, Fruit, and Mint. This was a perfect grand finale to a lighter three-course dinner, and beautiful with the lighter bodied Pinot Noir served by Kim Crawford wines.

Be sure to check out Kim Crawford wines, which can be found at many wine shops across the country, and for you New Yorkers… at The Chelsea Wine Vault!