For those of you who enjoy a great Ice Wine now and again, this post is certainly for you! Ice wines most people think of as dessert wines or romantic wines, but did you know that there are so many more uses for ice wines and that they actually do pair with more than just desserts? Well, I’m here to show you a little something about these sweet and sexy wines.

The Most Romantic Wine Company has intended and succeeded in bringing the romance back into ice wines from Canada. This company solely focuses on Canadian Ice Wines and hand harvesting. Some of the collection includes Vidal, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

I was surprised when I first received my package of ice wines and pulled out a cabernet one. I had never had a red ice wine before, let alone even knew they were popular and out there… turns out, they’re fantastic.

IMG_1573      I used the Cabernet and Vidal in a few dishes. To de-glaze my Lamb Shoulder, I used the cabernet ice wine, due to its savory sweetness. Since lamb is slightly sweet, this worked perfectly and really added that “something extra”.

The Vidal I drizzled over some roasted Tomatoes, and Mushrooms, which gave these ordinary veggies some real life!IMG_1577

These wines also pair so well with cheeses and desserts. With some Nordic Cheeses, the Vidal took on a new flavor profile, where some caramel and toffee shined with the potent cheeses.

Ice wine has many more uses than one would normally think, and I challenge you all to try The Most Romantic Wine Company’s wines and give them a run for yourself. You will love transforming your dishes and creating intensely delicious cocktails with these sweetly sexy wines!


Always remember… eat what you like, and drink what you love!