Tis the season for gift giving, buying and decorating your home. No matter what holiday you are celebrating it’s best to get gifts people will love, use often and show off in their home. This gift guide consists of stylish products I have tried and currently use myself in my own home, that are must haves for your holiday gift buying and giving!

4413709_rdNinja Coffee Bar: This unique coffee brewing system is an absolute must have for anyone who enjoys freshly brewed iced coffee thats not watered down, cappuccino’s, latte’s, and more. I am so impressed with this coffee bar, and the best part is that it comes with a great book of recipes for you to make at home; coffee mixology has never been simpler! $179.80.


Aervana-Packaging_FrontAervana: This electric wine aerator is fun to use and will pour your wine right out of the bottle. Not only will you be able to aerate your wine properly, but this is the worlds first electric one that allows you to enjoy the wine as the winemaker intended, and thats the founder: Louis J. Christen III’s goal. I tried this and personally love the look, the way it works (simply pressing the button and wine will pour into your glass) and it’s simplicity! $99.98.



b3__51626.1389633211.1280.1280-2Boxxle: This sleek and stylish countertop boxed wine cover is fun and unique and makes a great gift for a friend or family member that enjoys boxed wine. Depending on what they or you drink, you may want to hide the fact that you have boxed wine out, so Boxxle does just that for you as well as allow’s you to dispense your wine easily and fully (so no more tilting/ tipping your boxed wine over the counter). It’s great for cafe’s and restaurants too! $99.00.



stemless_largePubware: Unbreakable drinkware! Yes those wine nights can get a little wild during the holidays and of course, when watching intense episodes of Chopped, Game of Thrones or Scandal with the girls. Relax and let Pubware be your safety net with these unbreakable wineglasses that can go in the dishwasher and also never dull. You’ll simply love these by the pool, on the couch, at a party and more! $49.99/4 glasses. 



image001-29Vinturi: Sometimes you don’t want to necessarily dilute your spirits, right? This spirits aerator that takes your undiluted spirits to the next level. No longer will you have to dilute your scotch, whiskey, cognac or rum. Use this spirit aerator one serving at a time for proper appreciation AND it’s even great to aerate your port wine! This gift is great for whiskey lovers and is stylish for any in home bar collector. $39.99.



Glass Porron Wine Pitcher: Perfect for sangria and wine pouring, this unique and beautiful glass wine pitcher is perfect for your holiday parties and looks great at the table. Simply add the wine and fruit in the top, and pour out all the sangria goodness. If you’re a fruit lover, like myself then simply scoop out any fruit you would like… or add fresh fruit to your glass! $22.95.


Kate Duncan DesignKate Duncan Designs Cutting Board: Kate was in Jr. High school when she took her first woodworking class, and found a passion that would turn into a career very quickly. Her designs are simple and gorgeous and make the perfect gift for your home chef, wine and cheese lover, and host/hostess. I love the small cutting board for serving as well as cooking, and it looks stunning in photos and on the table. Leave it out as a table decoration… thats what I do when I’m not cutting or serving on it! $120.00.


image001-28Amaze-N-Dust Pellet Smoker: For the guy or gal that loves smokey flavors and making it all at home, this is the best gift to give this holiday season! Cold or hot smoke meats, cheeses, fish or nuts and will transport easily from your home to the campsite. Smoking foods just became a lot easier with this product, and I can’t wait to smoke some cheeses and salmon this winter! $19.99-34.99 (depending on size).


Noble Goods Ruffino Bruschetta Board: This beautiful handcrafted board has a limited edition partnership with Ruffino, a beloved Italian Wine (one I have recommended several times on this site). This Walnut handcrafted serving board is unique and one of a kind with hand-drawn olive branch, carved and inlaid with resin. Featuring a leather handle, four integrated oval bowls for gathering ingredients, and a groove made especially for a bottle of your favorite Ruffino Chianti, this is the perfect gift for your wine loving host/hostess. It’s also made in Brooklyn, NY! $175.00.


Happy Holiday Season!