10001459_674875705908468_289214270_nHome Brewing beer is not just a Hipster thing anymore. Although it does take a certain person to make a delicious and well made home brew, many more people are doing it today. Whats the best part about a home brew? It’s made with love, creativity, and passion, and usually the people making these beers are are a lot of fun!

Taproom 307 is having a Home Brewers Brunch this weekend so be sure to be there! Saturday April 19th, enjoy Brunch and Brews for $25.00 a person. There will be deliciously crafted brews here so it’s a steal considering all that you will get to try.

When: Saturday, April 19, 11am-4pm

Where: Taproom No. 307, 307 3rd Avenue


Voting will be at 3PM to vote for the best home brew. Be sure to say hello to this Somm who will SO be attending this one of a kind boozy brunch event!