Guinness has a fun light beer that is perfect for your outdoor sipping all spring and summer long! Guinness’s new Irish Wheat beer is made from 100% Irish wheat malt and is golden in color and full of banana and citrus notes.

The flavor is clean with minimal bitterness and delightfully light playful fruit forward notes. Using Mount Hood and Amarillo hops, this great Guinness addition is just what you need to sip outside while enjoying the warm spring and summer sun!

Guinness Irish Wheat pairs perfectly with grilled fish, bbq chicken, and fresh soft baked pretzels. For those of you who are Guinness fans, I absolutely recommend tasting this beer (if you haven’t already). The Irish Wheat along with the Blonde American Lager are a must have for backyard parties. Make the most of your Memorial Day weekend and enjoy one of these beautiful brews with your best friends.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!