IMG_8008Food Tours are a fabulous way to explore a borough or section of a large city. When it comes to the big apple, the array of cuisines and restaurants can be overwhelming even to a New Yorker like myself. I stumbled upon Foods of NY Tours: a walking food tour company filled with tons of delectable options. This walking tour gets you a little history of the “area you choose to eat” and a visit to three or four restaurants. At these dining destinations, you will find some incredible cuisine.

You can choose from Chinatown, Chelsea Market, The Heart of The Village, Nolita/Noho, Greenwich Village, and Brooklyn. Large groups can also schedule private tours and cooking classes/dinners. This is great not only for tourists, but even with all my eating adventures around the city, I had the best time and learned so much on my tour.

IMG_8009Chinatown was my tour of choice because even though I have lived here for quite some time, I have never actually explored this wonderful and famous section of NYC. First stop: Dim Sum Go Go! Dim Sum is the most popular Chinese cuisine inside and outside of Chinatown. These array of dumplings are served with some incredible sauces for dipping, and come in a wide variety of flavors and combinations. The Chive and Shrimp Dumplings were tender and fragrant, and went beautifully with the Ginger Sauce and a warm cup of Jasmine Tea. The Pork Buns here are out of this world yum, as well as the Pan Fried Pot Stickers. There are plenty of vegetarian options to choose from that are equally as delicious and pair well with the wide selection of teas, beers, and wine.

IMG_8018Since the walking tour has plenty of stops, Rahim (our tour guide) gave us some fun history about Chinatown while walking to the next destination.

Rahim is enthusiastic, exciting, and very funny. He knows how to intertwine history, food facts, and the culture of NYC all into a fun three-hour bundle where you will not be bored.

IMG_8023Next stop: Peking Duck House, which houses the best Peking Duck in all of NYC. But before we could sit down there, Rahim took us to a candy shop for some sweet taste tests while we waited for our table. This helped the time pass, and was a delicious treat in between sit down meals. The Peking Duck is exquisite here, carved at the table, IMG_8025and served with pancakes and cucumbers, topped with a deliciously sweet and tangy sauce. For dessert: Fried Banana’s and Candied Walnuts! This was a sweet way to end the meal at this stop. The atmosphere here is fun, lively, and crowded; which in NYC means it has to be one of the best! Note: It’s also BYOB… hell yeah!

For the third and final stop on the tour we headed to a Malaysian spot, which serves the best Roti Canai. I have never had Roti Canai before, so I was very excited to try the “best”. That it was! New Malaysia on Bowery Street serves up some of the best Malaysia cuisine NYC has to offer.

They even have plenty of Bib Gourmand Awards hanging outside their restaurant to showcase just how great they are.

IMG_8028Placed in front of us was the Roti Canai and a delicious, piping hot bowl of savory, perfectly spicy Curry with Potatoes. Roti Canai is an Indian influenced style of flatbread, also enjoyed in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. When dipped in the bowl of curry, it is to die for! The two together form a symphony of flavors and textures in your mouth that are a seductive and sensational way to end a great night exploring Chinatown.

For the New Year, do something a little different in NYC and book yourself and some friends or family for a Foods of NY Tour. Prices range from $52.00-65.00/pp. For those also looking to experience the Best of Brooklyn, which consists of a combination of bus and walking tour, the price is $125.00/pp.