deliman2Erik Greenberg Anjou producer of the film Deli Man: a delicious documentary inside the Jewish Delicatessen world showcasing this tradition which we all know, love, and devour. Nothing beats an amazing Pastrami Sandwich right? The warm tender meat, carefully seasoned and slow cooked to perfection and “sandwiched” in between two fresh slices of rye bread, slathered with mustard, and accompanied by a crisp pickle. Get’s your mouth watering right?

delimanI had the fortune of sitting down and discussing all the delectable scenes from this movie with Erik and one of the deli owners, Ziggy Gruber. Ziggy grew up in the deli world with his uncle and started working in the deli at a very young age. His passion for the industry led him to where he is today, a successful deli owner in Houston, TX. Yes! He owns an extremely delicious and successful deli called Kenny & Ziggy’s which I know I will have to visit this year.

Ziggy and Erik are both passionate about the delicatessen world, and talked me through the perfect pastrami. “It takes patience… lots of it to make the perfect pastrami sandwich”- Ziggy Gruber. I don’t have too much patience, so thats why I leave it to chef’s and veterans in the business like Ziggy who make it the best. You will find him at his deli working hard side by side with his staff serving up the best Jewish Delicatessen food in Houston, TX. Ziggy is charming, energetic, and very personable, so if you are ever in Houston, pay his shop a visit… you will be very happy you did!

IMG_8351Now, of course the story of the Jewish deli isn’t Ziggy’s alone. Deli Man visited well known and famous deli’s like the Carnegie, Katz’s, 2nd Avenue Deli, Nate ‘n Al, and Canter’s, as well as interviewed some of the great connoisseurs of deli, including Jerry Stiller, Alan Dershowitz, Freddie Klein, Dennis Howard, Jay Parker (Ben’s Best), Fyvush Finkel, and Larry King.

Want to know more? Deli Man released February 27th, so grab your hot Pastrami on Rye, pickle, mustard, and enjoy the film!