IMG_1067In Denmark there is a whole “hot dog” culture that is now being brought here to the Big Apple! Copenhagen takes their Pølse (hot dog) very seriously using quality grade meats and natural casing to create the best Street Dog you will have. Overseas it’s such a popular street food and everyone loves them, especially with the traditional Danish toppings, similar to our American style.

The pølse, which is a juicy sausage thats smoked with beech wood creating that perfect “SNAP” that makes our American hot dogs jealous!  These street dogs are an all natural non GMO product with no use of antibiotics and are gluten free.

IMG_1066In original and spicy you can find these dogs available for purchase in Whole Foods as well as at Jimmy’s No. 43 NYC. Simply grill them up, top them with some of your favorite toppings such as this Copenhagen traditional style one, and enjoy yourself a Danish Street Dog!

Paired with these was a refreshing Margarita on the rocks. Yes I know totally mixing nationalities here, but hey… the prosecco also worked with this street dog in a great way too, so mixing countries, cuisines, and wines isn’t always a bad thing!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love… enjoy some Pølse and pairings responsibly!