Eden Ciders, a producer of Heritage Cider and Ice Cider has made its mark in the canned category now with canned heritage ciders! I had the pleasure of tasting these ciders this fall, and they’re perfect for all your holiday parties. Cider has seen a big boom over the past few years, and people are enjoying it in many different styles.

When I first caught the cider bug, it was in college where I would drink the very sweet style ciders. Over time I learned to develop my palate and became obsessed with dryer styles, as well as “Heritage cider,” which is a cider style by the U. S. Association of Cider Makers. This style is produced with heirloom and tannic apple varieties and made more in a winemaking style as opposed to the other larger brands. This style of cider is becoming increasingly popular, and thanks to Eden Ciders, we now can enjoy Heritage Cider in a can!

“All of the apples we use in our ciders come from our own Eden Orchards, our Northeast Kingdom fields and roadsides, and 7 other local orchards. Our greatest pleasure as cidermakers is working with the extraordinary apples we have in our region and the people who grow them.  In our own Eden Orchards, we grow over 35 varieties biodynamically (naturally organic).” -Edenciders.com

Eden Specialty Ciders produces a line of Ice Cider, Sparkling Ciders, Rosé Cider, and some Cellar Series. Cider makes a great gift and actually should be enjoyed year-round as an aperitif or with meals. You would be surprised just how many dishes pair with cider, and I really enjoyed pairing my Eden Heritage Canned Ciders with Pork Belly Tacos! The Brut Nature is a cider made in the champagne style and also one of my favorites to sip as an aperitif paired with smoked gouda cheese! ($15). If you’re into sweeter Ice Cider styles, I recommend Salted Caramel Ice Cream or Flourless Chocolate Cake to compliment this particular style. ($25+) I also very much enjoyed, being a Sommelier and wine consumer the Eden Sparkling Cider, Extra Sec- This one is a Champagne-style cider made from apples grown in New Hampshire. They hand disgorge the yeast from every bottle, which shows you just how much care and craft that goes into these. It’s a well-balanced cider with freshness and nice acidity. Enjoy this one with some braised pork, turkey, or maple roasted root vegetables.  ($15). 

For those of you seeking something boutique to enjoy year round, and want something crisp and delicious, Eden Specialty Ciders is a great option. The prices are awesome when you think about the care and art that goes into the making of these. These bottles also make a great gift for anyone who loves ciders and want’s to try a different style!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.