IMG_0583Familiar with the Wines of Chile? This very affordable by the bottle wine making country produces tons of wine and grows many different types of grapes. Chilean wine is New World but they have been making wine for many, many years.

Bordeaux varietals such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, and one of my favorites: Carmenère grow really well in Chile. Recently my palate set sail with the Wines of Chile. I was on a boat in NYC with some of the best Chilean Importers in the industry, and I learned a lot about Chilean Truffles, Chilean Pisco, and drank my favorite Chilean Sparkling Rosé by Miguel Torres.

IMG_0590Docked down near Battery Park City, the sunset, the view, and Chilean Pisco were a perfect pairing. I myself had no knowledge until this evening on the boat that Chile was a Pisco loving and producing country; but damn, they make incredible Pisco! Pisco Mistral Nobel Reservado is what one would say was a “whiskey” style Pisco. It’s amber in color, aged in American Oak Barrels, full of caramel and spice notes, and drinks like nothing like the traditional Pisco we know from Peru. I’d totally pair this Pisco with a cigar like Cohiba and some Deviled Eggs topped with Chilean Truffles. These delicious underground mushrooms are a treasure if you can treat yourself to one. Expensive like all truffles, but so worth every single cent and available in America!

IMG_0589Most of the night I was still drinking my favorite bubbly. I could drink Santa Digna Brut Estelado Rosé all day… it’s divine! This wine is bright and floral with ripe strawberry and raspberry notes. On the palate its delicate and perfect on it’s own as an aperitif, but also very pair-able with fried foods, oysters, and spicy dishes. See my pairing from last year’s National Grilled Cheese Day with my Chilean inspired Grilled Cheese and Bubbles!