Yellowchair Experience allows you to make new friends while enjoying a food and beverage pairing experience. YIMG_1080ellowchair recently held a Bubble-Que at NY Vintners, a boutique wine shop with a full kitchen and executive chef. This night of bubbles was a blast starting off with Sparkling Sake and ending with a boozy cocktail.

Korean BBQ V.S. American BBQ was just the start to an unbelievable evening. Chef paired a Duc de Romet NV Champagne, a Flor NV Prosecco and a 2014 Stein Rose Secco with all this BBQ. The German bubbly (Stein Rose Secco) was my absolute favorite with the meal as its tartness and acidity cut right through the beef brisket and pork belly. Below is the entire menu from this delectable evening!


Meat Challenge

American: Texas Style Brandt Farms Beef Brisket

Korean: Clay Pot Aged Chili Rubbed Pork Belly with Dried Mushrooms —Bubbles to be selected to accompany challenge

Beans Challenge

American: Berkshire Bacon Baked Beans

Korean: Fermented Black Beans with Tamari and Maple Syrup —

IMG_1083Cabbage Challenge

American: Coleslaw

Korean: Housemade Kimchi 

Bread vs Rice Challenge:

American: Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread

Korean: Short Grain Green Bamboo Rice —


Bungeoppang with a Texas Whiskey Revival 

Have dinner with new friends throughout the city. Hoping to get these fun dining experiences in more cities too, but for those who are in NYC visit to book your next food experience!