As many know, NYC is filled with bars, bachelors, and lots of booze. The bar scene may have a terrible rap for a woman trying to meet the love of their lives, but hey, sometimes fate has a weird way of throwing you just what you need at that exact moment.

Here are some great bars where you may find better bachelor options then the typical dives we all regrettably try at least once or twice while living in NYC.

33A3257_8_9-300x200   The Royal is equipped with everything a business and sports loving fan needs in his man cave. With TV’s every where you turn, to great drink specials, bottles, and brews, its no wonder you and the girls can also have a great time here! After work, many guys want to stop for a drink and watch the game, why not join them? This hot spot is so close to the subway, so you’ll have no excuse not to pop in for a drink, pull up next to a great guy, and hey… maybe you’ll even learn something about the sports game on!

2012-07-20-Bar-300x200Now, if you’re going for the suit type, then you’re going to also want to check out, Jay Z’s 40/40 Club. This spot is certainly more of the upscale lounge type, but hey… Tuesday Boozeday and Thirsty Thursday deserve a little dressiness and a nice night out sometimes too right? Join some fantastic men here and watch the games in pure style!


335604749_lex_03-300x200For the college crowd, don’t worry we didn’t forget you. Brother Jimmy’s BBQ spot is great for fishbowls, frat boys, and casual dress. With fantastic BBQ, Fried Okra, and drinks that wont break your wallet, or your spirit, than this is a fun place for a casual night out.



All in all, just remember, fate is fate, and love will always find you, but you truly can’t beat a fun girls night, going out for some hot bachelors and booze specials!