MoustacheCoffeeClub005.psdCoffee is essential to many, especially those who enjoy it’s caffeinated effects in the morning. I know I love a great iced coffee in the summer and hot coffee in winter, and to be honest sometimes buying coffee is as confusing as buying wine. What blend, brew, roast, and flavor do you buy? Which one is better? Medium or dark roast? Ground or beans? The list goes on and on. Luckily for you, and your coffee loving friends and family there is a club that you will want in on… trust me.

Moustache Coffee Club is a premium online coffee subscription service that brings you the finest and freshet coffee beans. These single-origin coffee’s are roasted by award-winning roasters.

052A5129Each week they select a different single-origin coffee where it is then roasted and shipped the same day. What’s single origin? It simply means they come from a single producer (similar to wine), usually from a small farm or cooperative. We know I talk about the concept of terroir in wine a lot and in this case, the geography of the region where the coffee was produced and varietal of the plant greatly influences the final flavors; Haha! See how I did that? I told you this isn’t just another wine blog! 

MoustacheCoffeeClub003With Moustache Coffee Club, detailed information about the coffee is included along with tasting notes. These are helpful because these coffee’s may taste different depending what coffee you’re used to drinking (different in a very good quality way). This ensures each club member gets the most out of their cup of coffee. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans are offered to fit your coffee habits too!

For those all over the USA and out of the country, don’t worry The Moustache Coffee Club is available nationally and internationally.