Yumami Go-Dips are a healthy and sophisticated snack you need to get on board with! These protein packed snacks are perfect for anyone seeking something healthy and full of fiber. These go-dips are packed with flavor and come in a variety of Asian inspired creations with a side of dip-able Nori Chips that are savory and a bit addictive.

These delectable Asian inspired flavors include:

Adzuki Bean with Ginger and Ponzu – The smooth, mildly nutty yet slightly sweet taste of these Asian red beans is combined with a savory kick of ginger and subtly tangy ponzu.

Black Bean with Yuzu and Chili – The rich earthy taste of black beans is perfectly balanced with unique citrus notes of yuzu and pleasant spice from chili.

Edamame with Green Pea and Wasabi – The light nut flavor of the versatile soybean is complemented by the sweetness of green peas and spicy note of wasabi.

Lentil with Roasted Onion and Shiitake – The sweetness of red lentils is combined with savory roasted onions and shiitake mushrooms to create a complex, umami-rich flavor combination.

I bring these go-dips to work with me. Working as a Sommelier and restaurant consultant, I am always on the go and need a snack that will fill and fuel me during my day. These Yumami Go-Dips include a lot of dip, so I recommend grabbing an extra bag of Nori Chips or bringing along some carrot or celery sticks to enjoy every last drop. Not only are these snacks absolutely delicious, but the chips are popped in Brooklyn, and the beans are grown in America. Also, the founders are all Asian immigrants including former East Village chef of Masak. Find these sophisticated snacks and popped nori chips at Whole Foods across the NY Metro area.