What does a top-notch restaurant feel like to you? Is it the inventive cocktail list? The menu that has you salivating as your reading it? Or is it the gorgeous ambiance, the kind with sparkling chandeliers that are used as sconces on a wall? At Manon, in the Meatpacking District… you can have that all!

IMG_1854      The bar alone will have you “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” for a good two minutes, after that, you’ll snap to reality and realize you’re actually in a fantastic new restaurant!  This three story hot spot is fully equipped with a sky-high bar, decadent interior, and an ambiance that will have you entranced. The first floor is perfect for some small bar bites and cocktails, as the lounge draws a great weekend crowd. The other two dining floors are intriguing and interesting with dimmed lighting, a great 14th street view, and a different ceiling on each floor! IMG_1855
Now, because I was there for the food, here’s the scoop…

IMG_1888The Fruit Crudité is an absolute must have. If you do not order this, you will be sorry as its sweet, savory, and slightly spicy!

“Pair this with the Manon Cherie cocktail for some extra daring pairing fun”! IMG_1860
Chef Tae Strain took it to another level with this menu! He IMG_1867turns simple, classic, dishes, and makes them into your every fantasy! The Village Viking Scallops were cooked to perfection and dressed with Caramelized Fennel, Grapefruit, and some Cauliflower. It is purely delightful. To accompany the scallops, because of course, one appetizer is never enough with a menu like this, chef had us try the IMG_1865Saffron Black Pepper Garganelli, which was perfectly creamy and topped with Clams, Cockles, and Sea Urchin Butter, that IMG_1885added that extra “something” you absolutely will love. Chef then surprised us with the famous Lobster Rolls and home made potato chips, which is a dish that is absolutely to die for; enough said!

“Pair these with the by the glass Sancerre or the Danny cocktail” IMG_1863

Endless entrees came next… or so you wish they were endless! The portions are a great size, but not too large, making it a mission to order some delicious sides! The Herb Grilled Whole Branzino was out of this world. For someone like myself, who has never had this fish, I was certainly missing out, as it was absolutely wonderful. Next we had the Short Ribs, which were a special of the evening. Oh my goodness, I was left speechless for a good three minutes after just one bite of these sweet, savory, fall of the bone ribs. Accompanying these entrees were Honey Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower Gratin. One word describes these two sides… amazing!

Danny, our server, saved us from almost slipping into total food coma, by suggesting a wonderful Chocolate IMG_1882Cake & Creameux and a nice glass of Sauterne. This pairing was perfect and I was absolutely impressed with Danny’s pairing suggestions, menu knowledge, and extremely friendly demeanor. Also IMG_1881served was the Caramel Poached Pear which when paired with a glass of Moscato, was incredible.

You must visit Manon on 9th avenue and 14th street. This restaurant will amaze, impress, and delight you in every which way possible. Manon has ever changing specials, new cocktails, and an ambiance that will keep you coming back, so pick up the phone and make your reservation today!