NYC definitely has some great outdoor dining due to COVID, however, sitting in the blazing sun trying to enjoy a margarita can be a bit hot sometimes. Luckily some restaurants have adapted, and offer great covering or umbrellas, and others like the Bowery Beer Garden offer great outdoor that’s sort of indoor all year round! Here beneath the Wyndham Garden Chinatown, you will find a great beer garden complete with COVID friendly seating, a full menu, and nice shade. Even in the heat and humidity, it was nice to sit under a roof and grab some coolness while enjoying some much-needed cocktails!

I love this hotel, they have an amazing rooftop space (pre-pandemic), as well as one of the best ramen spots in the city, Shinka Ramen! Luckily for us, you can go to the Bowery Beer Garden and grab some great bites to pair with your beer, but if you do want the Asian inspired menu and ramen options, they offer that too. The day I went it was a little too hot for ramen, so I started with a Yuzu Margarita and some Carne Asada Tacos. They are absolutely delicious, spicy, and ideal for sharing. This spot is ideal on rainy days when you just need a break from being cooped up in the apartment, as well as when you’re like me and the sun makes you melt! The sun bothers me unless I am by a pool, so this beer garden is perfect, complete with a full roof, 50 tv’s, heat lamps, and music!

I love the menu options even though things are limited I think they do a wonderful job offering the best from all their restaurants, and making it seamless and delicious. After the tacos, I devoured the Short Rib Sliders, which are out of this world. They are juicy, slightly spicy, and fall apart perfectly! These are a must-have if you’re headed here, and you can complete the meal with one of their fun Ramona Wine Spritzers. I loved these spritzers in a can, which have a ton of flavor, 7% abv, and an even better price at $8/can. My favorite was actually the lemon flavor, and it really paired nicely with the sliders, texturally it was a fun combo.

If you really like some spice, you will absolutely want to try their Asian Pork Ribs, and pair them with a wheat beer or a summer ale! These are all ideal for one person, but when you go with a friend I recommend sharing a few things because like I mentioned, they put the best items from all their spots on the menu, so it’s hard to choose just one thing.

If you’re looking for a fun spot to sit, relax, and enjoy some delicious food under a secure roof whether its rain or shine, I highly recommend this gem in Chinatown!