The Winslow is a quaint restaurant in the East Village right on 14th street. This British Pub style restaurant serves up some delightful fare for both brunch and dinner. Chef Jesse Olguin recently took over the menu and title as Executive Chef and has brought in his spin on this traditional sports bar style menu.

IMG_6789    I first met Chef Jesse when he was working at another Gastro Pub here in NYC, where his Mac & Cheese won my heart. Knowing that he is now executive chef at a restaurant right near me in NYC, I had to pop in to try his new menu. Starting the meal with his “Three Little Pigs” appetizer was quite a treat. House made Country Ham, Guanciale, and Pork Bangers surrounded by mounds of Mustard, Cheeses, and Sauerkraut was the ultimate way to start the meal.

The Guanciale was crispy, tender, and had the perfect amount of fattiness to it. When washed down with one of their famous Gin cocktails, it was pure heaven.

IMG_6790 Kale lovers who dine here, be sure to get the Green and Grain Kale Salad. Topped with Farro, Goat Cheese, Overnight Tomatoes, and Balsamic, this salad will surely add a crunchy and refreshing start to your meal here. If you’re like me, you believe salad should be a shared course so you can enjoy other items such as The Crumpets. These crumpets are topped with Smoked Salmon, Duck Confit, and Braised Moroccan Lamb. The lamb is juicy and tender with the perfect amount of spice, while the duck melts in your mouth and it absolutely delectable.

IMG_6793       The Winslow Burrata and Roasted Beet Salad was another winner. This dish is colorful, light, and refreshing. Big enough for a meal, but perfect for a share, this salad is served with Crispy Pesto Croutons, Radicchio, and Butter Lettuce on Toast. Make sure to get a side of Chef’s house made Cheese Curds with Red Pepper Aioli. The cheese curds are out of this world, yum!

Once Chef brought out the Mac & Cheese, I was in food heaven. The Smoked Gouda Mac & IMG_6796Cheese served in a cast iron skillet was broiled to perfection. This dish is cheesy, creamy, and very filling, so make it a fun side to share when dining here.

Why am I telling you to share so many dishes? Because there are lots of wonderful options on the menu, and since Chef Jesse takes his seasonal cuisine and menu seriously, so I do not want you to miss out on one bite! The Chicken Curry Pie however, is perfect for fall and winter and is a must order when you want a little comfort food with some ethnic flare.

IMG_6800Football season is among us and that means its time for some Chili. When you want to watch the Saturday or Sunday games, hang at Winslow with a bowl of Chef’s Turkey Chili with Southern Cornbread, White Rice, and Cheddar Cheese. This chili is perfectly seasoned and delightfully filling. Are you more of a burger fan? Not a problem, because the Winslow Burger is house made and ground with Chuck, Short Rib, and Flank Steak, on a Brioche Bun, topped with Caramelized IMG_6801Onions, Red Chili Aioli, and Cheddar Cheese.

Be sure to check out The Winslow for more of Chef Jesse’s menu items and bar bites. Not only is there great food, but Gin Cocktails, Gin Clubs, and Trivia Nights also have their place here.

Want something sweet? Try Chef Jesse’s Fig & Date Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream